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EdNet Plus is for communication, network, collaborate, screen-share, use sticky-note reminders, save work to drafts or share documents with your colleagues or learners in your institution or participate in a national or global space.More Info

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The primary system through which users are exposed to content posted on the network

Video Messaging

Create short videos and send in chat


Whiteboard lets you save what is shared with you and your work to draft

Sticky Notes

Random or by topic you decide how you want to remember important information


Text, audio message, audio call or video call, you decide how you want to communicate with your EdNet contacts


Multi-Hub-Meetings where full and break-away teams get together to discuss modules and topics of teaching and learning


Make your voice count in education by setting up or joining EdNet forums

EdNet Analytics

Access to anonymous data of user activities on EdNet

Screen Sharing

Communicate in pictures, share information with your EdNet contacts in groups or 1-2-1 settings

Inter-professional Education

Shape successful collaborative teamwork across all faculties and disciplines

Admin Updates

Daily encouragement, weekly empowerment and adhoc shoutouts

CPI Referral Programme

Earn calling credit by sharing app with others

It’s all about NETWORKING How and with whom you network is up to you; you can set up group chats or forum topics, it’s that easy.

Institutional networking across modules, disciplines, faculties, institutions, centres, units and administrative offices

National networking across different institutions, public and private sectors, stakeholders, sponsors, practitioners and more

International networking teaching & learning, research, innovation & development and community engagement in a global space; you determine your goals, progression and outcomes; you decide which groups and forums you want to have a voice in; you decide how and with whom to collaborate with when designing curriculum, learn from others around the world and underpin your discipline with an international perspective

EdNet philosophy is to underpin and support equality across disciplines and faculties, widening participation and opportunities for all

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EdNet Exec Sponsorship subscription is for Sponsors who wish to register and manage Sponsees linked to their profile; initially the Sponsor must register on EdNet Exec subscription option, thereafter Sponsors may upgrade their Sponsees onto one of the following subscriptions EdNet Plus or EdNet Pro

Bespoke subscription plans for institutions of learning
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5% of all subscription fees go to an education trust that provides scholarships and grants to qualifying students
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