EdNet is where networking in education and practice happens

it is a collaboration hub where teaching & learning, research, innovation & development and community engagement comes together, adding to the body of knowledge, framing, underpinning and supporting learning and shaping futures.

EdNet is a subsidiary company of WappWapp Limited, registration number 12481413; Bristol, UK.

Developed by a professional team of information technologists, educational and economic specialists

Launched 01.05.2020

Current Features of EdNet include;

Admin Updates: daily encouragement, weekly empowerment and adhoc shout-outs

Newsfeeds: private and public

Forums: private and public

Chat: text messaging, audio messaging, audio call and video call

Groups: private and public

Toolbox: screen-sharing, sticky-notes, drafts

My Profile where users can create posts, edit profile view their activity on EdNet, buy EdNet credit and edit their profiles

Settings: Users view their subscription details, buy credit, change passwords, edit block list, privacy policy, terms and conditions policy, disclaimer and About EdNet

Subscription Plans

EdNet subscription plans caters for everyone across the spectrum from pay-as-you-go to bespoke packages. Bespoke packages are specifically designed for collaboration in designing a plan around the needs of all institutions of learning

Unique to EdNet is our Sponsorship programme where sponsors designate the type of package their sponsee will access with the option of upgrading; sponsors may also add credit to each sponsee as required. Sponsors may also access analytical data of how their sponsees are interacting with EdNet features

Contact details

Administration – admin@ednet.ac
Bespoke packages – bespoke@ednet.ac
Chief Executive Officer john@wappwapp.com

Telephone office hours +44 1548 600021

  1. Video conferencing makes it easy for our users to communicate in group chats
  2. Short form mobile videos for our users to create short videos making learning visual